What We Specialize In

Dr. Amanda Hurley is skilled in the following safe and effective techniques:

Diversified Technique

The Diversified Technique is one of the most popular manual adjustment techniques, and it allows Dr. Amanda to use her hands to align the vertebrae of the spine. This is the technique she enjoys using most often.

Thompson Technique

Another method you will see Dr. Amanda commonly use, called the Thompson Technique, allows for a full spinal adjustment while laying comfortably face down on a table. She especially likes this method of analysis and adjusting to address the patient’s pelvis.

Activator Method

She also utilizes gentle instrument adjusting, using the Activator Method. This is wonderful for children, patients who may be nervous, and the elderly population.

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is ideal for pregnant mothers. This gentle technique focuses on the very last bone in the spine, the sacrum. Adjusting the pregnant mother’s pelvis, in addition to addressing tight muscles/ligaments, allows for her growing baby to have the best start in life possible! Our office has two separate sized pregnancy pillows that can be used individually or together to accommodate mother’s and their growing babies.

Gonstead, Toggle, and Cranial-Sacral techniques

Though the above techniques are her favorites, Dr. Amanda may also utilize the Gonstead, Toggle, and Cranial-Sacral techniques from time to time, depending on what is best for that particular patient!.