Don’t let sciatica symptoms control your life. Reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic to find the best sciatica pain treatment in Fargo, ND. The symptoms and pain that come with sciatica cause a negative impact on many people in the Fargo area. Get those symptoms under control with chiropractic treatments, aimed at the cause of your pain

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Sciatica Pain Treatment Clinic

Rising Family Chiropractic provides the Fargo area with sciatica pain treatment options. The symptoms that come with sciatica pain can be debilitating and can interfere with your overall health and wellness. Instead of measuring your life by sciatica pain, begin measuring your life by the experiences you get to enjoy without it. 

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica pain is caused by the compression or strain of the sciatic nerve in the spine. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, down both legs and can cause pulsing pain when compressed or under pressure.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Typically, sciatica pain originates in the lower spine and runs down the back of one leg. This pain is caused by sciatic nerve compression. The most common causes of compression are bone spurs in the spine and herniated spinal disks. 

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica pain can be relieved by removing the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Your chiropractor can provide massage treatment therapy that will help to realign the spine and reduce the compression on the nerve. This will cause a reduction in the sciatica pain symptoms

Why Chiropractic Sciatica Treatment?

While there are a variety of treatments for sciatica pain, your family chiropractor can provide a safe and effective treatment for all members of the family. Chiropractic massage therapy for sciatica pain is a non-invasive and gentle way to relieve sciatica symptoms and help the body heal naturally.

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How can I get my sciatic nerve to stop hurting in Fargo, ND?

Chiropractic massage therapy can help to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve and help your body to heal with non-invasive treatment.

How long will sciatica take to heal?

The duration of your sciatica symptoms will be caused by the severity of your nerve pressure. Typically, patients in the Fargo area found that their symptoms were improved within a few weeks or months of regular visits to their chiropractor.

Can I get rid of sciatica pain permanently?

Maybe! Your body will determine if your sciatic nerve becomes compressed at any point. After your pain is treated by a chiropractor, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with strength and flexibility training and regular adjustments will help to keep your spine from recurring issues.

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