Are you looking for a family friendly, prenatal chiropractor clinic in the Fargo Moorhead area? Do you know the benefits of having a chiropractor during pregnancy? A consultation, appointment, or a visit to the chiropractor clinic is just a phone call away. Our doctors in your area can provide treatment with anyone’s wellness treatment inquiries. Our Fargo, ND Chiropractic clinic utilizes the skills of a prenatal chiropractor and has treatments about wellness areas of prenatal care, which provide gentle and safe post natal chiropractic care.

Working with a  chiro offers a variety of treatment for adjustment of structural and soft tissue changes that occur during pregnancy which lead to a complication. A chiropractor during pregnancy is a much more comfortable pregnancy for anyone by reducing areas of added tension. Adjustments from our clinic are a great wellness treatment to reduce a variety of pain that pregnant mothers may experience such as low back pain, mid back tightness, and hip discomfort. We have the perfect pregnancy wellness treatment for mothers during pregnancy.

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Webster Technique: This treatment is ideal for mothers during pregnancy. This gentle wellness treatment focuses on the sacrum, where adjustment of the mother’s pelvis comes into play, in addition to addressing tight muscles. This allows for the mothers growing newborns the best start in life! Our chiropractic clinic has two sized pregnancy pillows that can be used together to accommodate mothers and their growing newborns. Stop looking and call our clinic to make an appointment today!

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Moorhead is a city in Clay County that was founded back in 1871. The 2019 census estimated that the population of the city was 43,652 people. The city is bordered on the west side of the Red River of the North and the city of Fargo, ND, and the land surrounding the area is one of the flattest and richest uses for agriculture in the world as it lays on a lakebed of glacial Lake Agassiz. This family friendly city was home to the first Dairy Queen to sell the infamous Dilly Bars, with the same store still open to this day. The city is known to many NHL sports players such as Jason Blake, Matt Cullen, Ryan Kraft, and Roy Williams.

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