Post-Pregnancy Care in Mapleton

New mothers can find the best post-pregnancy care in Mapleton at Rising Family Chiropractic. Women don’t solely need care throughout pregnancy, they need to be incredibly well-taken care of once pregnancy and the birth are over. Mothers and babies can both experience spinal and pelvis misalignment, injury, or muscle and joint compression due to birth experiences. Over time, these issues can worsen and cause problems if not given additional care. New parenthood is a magical and exciting time period, but can also present its share of challenges. 

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Rising Family Chiropractic provides Mapleton with post pregnancy care. During the critical time post birth, chiropractic medical care can help alleviate symptoms of the postpartum period and set mother and baby on track for healthy growth.

Benefits of Post Pregnancy Chiropractic Care 

Bringing a life into the world is no easy task and many women experience a range of struggles post birth. Whether a mother delivers in a hospital, birthing center, or at home and whether they have a c-section or vaginal birth, the body goes through many stresses and changes. With a natural birth plan, many women and babies experience spinal misalignment due to the pressures of pushing the baby through the birth canal. If left without treatment, mother and baby can experience elevated risk for pain, discomfort, and even spinal issues as the baby grows. Chiropractic alignment can keep baby and mother healthy for the future. 

Another major struggle postpartum women face is depression after birth. Postpartum depression in women is common and can often go untreated. Many major life changes, pain due to post-birth trauma, and the stress of new parenthood all contribute to postpartum depression in women. Chiropractic care can help to alleviate some depression symptoms by promoting healing in the body, reducing pain through realignment, and working out painful joint and muscle compression. 

While mothers have no issues with milk production in postpartum, some seek techniques to prolong continuation of milk supply. A Study has recently shown that chiropractic care can help promote milk production in women by clearing any pinched or strained connections in the body, promoting healthy blood flow, and aligning the body.

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How do you take care of postpartum?

Many symptoms postpartum women in Mapleton face can be helped with intentional care. Chiropractic, post pregnancy care can help realign the body after childbirth, promote healing and pain reduction, and treat some symptoms of postpartum depression.

Can My Chiropractor Help With Breastfeeding?

Yes! For some women, milk production has increased following chiropractic care sessions. This is thought to be due to the realignment of the body and the relief of any strained connections in the body.

What Can I Expect from Craniosacral Therapy?

This type of healing and pain management is typically provided in a 45-60 minute chiropractic session with your family chiropractor. During this time, they will use gentle manipulations and massage to release pressure and promote health in the spine, neck, and head.

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