From pregnancy & postpartum resources to newborn care, Rising Family Chiropractic can provide safe and effective postpartum care for women. The need for maternity care doesn’t end after a smooth delivery. Once a mother has brought a baby to life, there are now two who can benefit from chiropractic care. After a healthy pregnancy and delivery, the body has undergone some major changes and adaptations through the process. The strains of pregnancy can lead to a range of issues, from pelvic pain to spinal misalignment. The right treatment plan can provide pain management, spine and hip realignment for mother and baby, and preventive care for a healthy future. 

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Postnatal Care from Dr. Amanda Hurley

Rising Family Chiropractic provides Fargo with postnatal & postpartum care. In addition to the health benefits of regular chiropractic care, your chiropractic health care providers can help you through all the stages of pregnancy, provide a healthy path of recovery after a smooth delivery, and provide care for babies after the trauma of birth. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Resources 

After a natural pregnancy and smooth delivery, the mother’s body begins to heal and return to its prenatal state. The pregnancy experience can be a wonderful but challenging one for the body. Postnatal chiropractic care can help your body safely return to its regular, healthy state with spinal realignment, pelvic and hip alignment, and muscular or joint pressure relief. Many of these issues arise during the pregnancy experiences due to increased stress, changes the body must make to accommodate the growing baby, and the process of childbirth. 

In addition to the treatment of the physical strains of pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum care also comes in the form of mental health resources. Given the many new experiences and feelings that come with parenthood, many new mothers suffer from emotional distress due to lingering postnatal pain or postpartum depression.  Though chiropractic care can relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy and compassionate care to relieve pressure and stress in the body, postpartum chiropractic care can provide much needed mental health support for new mothers. 

Newborn Care

Quality of life care for a newborn can begin from the moment the mother brings the baby to life. Given the stressful nature of the birth process, many newborns begin life with misalignment or even injury, even with a smooth delivery. Chiropractic newborn care can help to mediate some of the effects felt from the pressure of birth. Care for babies can also come in the form of preventative care. From the start, your family care chiropractor can identify potential issues and correct them for the future. Newborn care can set a child up for a happy and healthy life ahead. 

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After giving birth, how long does a woman rest?

It will take more than a few days for you to recover from your pregnancy. It can take months to fully heal from pregnancy and childbirth. Although several women report feeling mostly healed after 6-8 weeks, it can take longer to feel like yourself again.

What does postpartum care include in Fargo?

The detailed postpartum visit should provide a complete evaluation of your physical, social, and psychological well-being, as well as a monitoring of your quality of life during your recovery.

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