Have you been looking for a pediatric chiropractic specialist to help your child around the Mapleton, ND area? Do you know about the benefits of having a chiropractor for kids? When you bring your child to a chiropractic specialist, their life will be changed! Your child could have a misalignment issue in their spine, nerves or joints, and may require an appointment with our family friendly Dr. for an adjustment. If bringing your child to a pediatric chiropractic specialist is worrisome to you, a family member is able to be in the appointment room with your child while the chiropractic Dr. performs.

Looking for a chiropractor does not need to be a full-time job! If you want to learn more about general pediatrics, Dr. Amanda Hurley at Rising Family Chiropractic clinic is happy to provide more information! Dr. Hurley loves to use the activator method on kids, which is a gentle instrument perfect for any misalignments! Nothing matters more to us than your family, and the happy expressions on their faces once they have relief. Even after one chiropractic appointment, you will understand how much your child’s life can change! Give our family chiropractic clinic a call today for more information, or to book a consultation or appointment with our pediatric chiropractor.

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Benefits of a Pediatric Chiropractic Dr. for your child:

  • Improved Sleep: chiropractic care works to release stress in your kid’s life, which will improve your child’s sleep
  • Immune System Support: chiropractic care can improve a child’s digestive system and target related issues
  • Nervous System Support: chiropractic care helps with misalignments and extend into the child’s nervous system
  • Brain Development: chiropractic care helps to release pressure which can increase your child’s brain development
  • Better Behavior: when your child has less stress, this leads to better behaviour in life. Chiropractic care helps your child to improve their attitude by releasing tension

About Mapleton, North Dakota

Mapleton is a city in the Cass County, North Dakota, United States which sits on the banks of the Maple River, which is now it got its name. The city serves as a bedroom community of the Fargo Moorhead metropolitan area, with a population of 1,238 people. The city was established back in 1876, when the railroad was extended to that point. The city has a total area of about 4 square miles, all of it which is land. Mark Andrews, a United States Congressman was born in this small city just outside of Fargo.

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