The Cause of Your Neck Pain

Rising Family Chiropractic provides Fargo, ND with chiropractic care for neck pain. Thousands of people experience chronic neck pain due to long hours hunched over a desk, a medical history riddled with old sports injuries, or pinched nerves due to stress. While it can be frustrating, factors for neck pain can be treated without needle injection, surgery, or long hours at a doctor’s office.

It is the job of the chiropractic team to help people with an alternative pain relief for all types of neck pain. No source of severe pain is beyond the scope of a chiropractic professional. We have a passion for pain alternatives when it comes to your newborn, child, or yourself. From gentle manipulations to joint pressure relief, our chiropractic team uses a range of treatments to reduce pain by movement of the body back into proper alignment.


Our Clinic Offers Specialized Pain Techniques by Our Chiropractor: 

  • Activator Method: Gentle instrument adjustment. This is a great method for children, elders, and patients who may be nervous upon chiropractic methods
  • Diversified Technique: This is a popular manual adjustment which allows our chiropractic doctor to use their hands to align the vertebrae of the spine
  • Gonstead, Toggle, and Cranial-Sacral Techniques: This is used from time to time based off what is best for each and every patient
  • Thompson Technique: This technique solely allows for spine adjustment while the patient lays comfortably face down. This method is great for analysis and adjustment of the patient’s pelvis which gives the chiropractic doctor a better understanding
  • Webster Technique: A great therapy for pregnant mothers. This focuses solely on the sacrum, which helps to adjust the mother’s pelvis and addresses tight muscles. This technique allows for the newborn to start off in life with the best way possible.


Treatment of pain without drugs or invasive medical procedures is extremely important for our family’s tiniest members. The process of pregnancy and birth can be a highly stressful one for both baby and mother. Through the pressure of childbirth, many new babies can begin life with spinal, pelvic, or neck misalignments. If left untreated, they can experience pain, discomfort, and unhealthy growth patterns as they develop. Chiropractic care provides a gentle and safe treatment option to set your baby’s body on a healthy pattern of growth and avoid potential pain.


We all know how quickly children can grow and develop during certain stages of life. Much like infants, many life factors can cause misalignment for children. This can lead to improper growth in joints, neurological pain due to nerve pressure, and neck pain. Regular chiropractic sessions can promote healthy growth patterns and reduce the risk or misalignment issues.

In addition to those everyday stressors, children also begin to encounter potential injury when they begin sports and play as they grow. Intense pain due to injury is another factor chiropractic care can help to medicate. Chiropractic treatments can help to reduce pain and promote healing to an area.


Finding an individual with chronic neck pain in the adult world is easier than it should be. With countless hours staring at computer screens and weekends spent coaching kid’s baseball, many adults find themselves living with chronic pain. Whether it’s a specific injury or just chronic pain from the stresses of life, regular chiropractic treatment sessions can help to reduce pain and future neck pain problems.

When you’re ready to find out how chiropractic treatment options could help solve your family’s neck pain issues, reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic for an appointment.

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How do you know when neck pain is serious?

Neck pain is always serious! Whether it’s a general ache or chronic pain, any neck discomfort means something isn’t completely healthy.

How should I sleep with neck pain?`

Fargo residents will find sleeping on their side or back will keep the neck in best alignment while sleeping.

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