Many spend their lives struggling with chronic pain and discomfort, but patients can jumpstart their journey to a pain-free life with the best lower back pain treatment in Fargo, ND, Rising Family Chiropractic. It doesn’t always take long sessions with a physical therapist, time with a surgeon, or chronic pain medication to take steps towards relieving lower back pain. While many seek these traditional treatment options, chiropractic care can provide a more holistic and non-invasive treatment option for those patients looking for a new way to treat back pain.

Chiropractic Care

Our team of healthcare professionals can help each member of your family reduce pain and reach their health and wellness goals with holistic and effective options from adult sessions to pediatric family care.  During a maintenance care session, your provider will begin with an overview of the issues you’ve been experiencing and a non-invasive evaluation of your body. Whether you’re dealing with a new pain that has just started to bother you or chronic pain that’s been hanging around, your chiropractic care professional can develop a personal health plan to meet your needs. 

Chiropractic care philosophy is centered around gentle manipulations made to the spine, joints, or body to put the body into alignment. This realignment can help increase healing in affected areas, help the body with the ease of pressure, and help to prevent future pain and injury. These manipulations typically require a patient to lay flat on a chiropractic table. Your provider will use their hands or the help of a tool to provide gentle adjustments and create healthy body moves and spinal alignment.  

Treatment Techniques

Chiropractic care professionals have a variety of techniques and methods they use to treat intense pain and help patients move towards their health and wellness goals. Each of these methods can be used depending on how spine-related pain is presented with each individual. 

  • Diversified Technique: This method is thought to be the most common use technique in chiropractic care. This technique has the hands administering gentle thrusting motions to move the vertebrae back into proper alignment. 
  • Thompson Technique: This technique, also known as the drop table method, utilizes an adjustment table with dropping capabilities. Most commonly, this technique is used to adjust the pelvis. Part of the table is slightly raised and will drop down as the chiropractor makes a thrusting movement. This method provides a comfortable adjustment for patients. 
  • Activator Method: This technique uses a tool called an Activator to aid in comfortable adjustments. This tool delivers gentle pulses and allows the provider to make precise adjustments. This gentle method works well for children, seniors, and those who are new to chiropractic care and are feeling nervous about their first session. 

Webster Technique: This method puts a focus on the sacral area and its alignment with the pelvis. Adjustments are made to realign the pelvis and sacrum, helping with lower back pain among other issues. This technique is especially helpful for pregnant women.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

There are many ways a chiropractic professional can help patients experience pain relief for their lower back pain issues. Pain signals in the lower back can begin as a result of many situations, like a desk-centered work environment or injury. 

  • Posture Correction: Pain experts have long been convinced that the posture problem in our society is one of the main contributors to the widespread issue of chronic neck pain and back pain. Many sit hunched over a desk all day, creating weakened muscles and misaligned vertebrae in the spine. Chiropractic adjustments can begin to help correct the effects of bad posture and help strengthen the muscles around the spine. 
  • Spinal Alignment: The vertebrae in the spine can move out of proper alignment for many reasons. Even slight misalignments left untreated can lead to long-term pain issues. Regular adjustments with a chiropractor can get the spine back in place and relief pressure and pain in the lower back. 
  • Injury Recovery: Lower back pain might have a more immediate cause. Incidents of injury to the spine or pelvis can lead to major pressure and pain in the lower back. Chiropractic adjustments to the back, hips, and legs can ensure safe alignment when healing and promote healthy blood flow to the recovering area. 

There is no one cause of lower back pain and there isn’t one perfect treatment. The most effective treatment for each patient suffering from chronic or injury-induced lower back pain will come from a custom treatment plan with a chiropractic professional. Together, patients and chiropractic care professionals can help work towards a pain-free and healthy life.

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What can cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain can come from many causes, but most stem from localized injury, spinal misalignment, or muscle strain and tightness. These issues can occur in everyday life and can develop over time or be the result of a sudden event.

How long does lower back pain last?

Your source of pain will determine how long your back pain lasts. Patients in Fargo who experience pain from an injury usually find relief as treatment and recovery progress. Those whose lower back pain is caused by chronic stress or other factors may require routine treatment to help relieve pain and avoid its relapse.

How can I prevent lower back pain?

The best way for Fargo residents to prevent lower back pain is to do regular stretches for muscle wellness, visit your chiropractor for regular adjustments, and maintain an active lifestyle to build lower back strength and posture. Keeping the spine in good health can help to prevent many of the issues that cause lower back pain and help patients achieve a fuller, more comfortable lifestyle.

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