Lower back pain can come from any source, but it always becomes a point of frustration in the lives of patients. When you experience discomfort, find the best treatment for your lower back pain in Fargo, ND with Rising Family Chiropractic. Don’t let lower back pain keep you from living your life or taking a toll on your health and wellness. 

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From chronic pain to muscle tightness and injury, our chiropractic treatment methods can help you regain your health and wellness comfort. 

Lower Back Pain Causes

There isn’t one typical cause for lower back pain, yet many adults find themselves suffering from lower back discomfort. While some suffer localized injuries to the area that cause pain during recovery, many others develop tightness and pain due to misalignment in the spine, spinal disc compression, and muscle strain from everyday use. 


Lower Back Pain Treatment

Rising Family Chiropractic can tailor a treatment best for each member of the family experiencing lower back pain. Among other treatment methods, we specialize in the Diversified Method, the Thompson Method, and the Activator Method. 

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What can cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain can come from many causes, but most stem from localized injury, spinal misalignment, or muscle strain and tightness.

How long does lower back pain last?

Your source of pain will determine how long your back pain lasts. Patients in Fargo who experience pain from an injury usually find relief as treatment and recovery progress. Those whose lower back pain is caused by chronic stress or other factors may require routine treatment.

How can I prevent lower back pain?

The best way for Fargo residents to prevent lower back pain is to do regular stretches for muscle wellness, visit your chiropractor for regular adjustments, and maintain an active lifestyle to build lower back strength and posture.

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