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Apr 20, 2021

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction Therapy Don’t let pain or reduced range of motion take a toll on your lifestyle and happiness. Improve your health and wellness with all the benefits of intersegmental traction therapy by Rising Family Chiropractic. With this chiropractic therapy treatment and the help of an intersegmental traction table, your chiropractic care provider can improve blood circulation in the spinal column, decompress the space between vertebrae, promote healing from injuries, and reduce pain in the body. This treatment is a great option for the whole family, from children to the elderly, with its gentle spinal adjustment and non-invasive techniques. Reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic to see if intersegmental traction therapy might have wonderful benefits for your family and lifestyle.

How Does Intersegmental Traction Therapy Work?

Chiropractors use intersegmental traction therapy to help stretch the spinal column, improving blood flow and mobility. During a treatment session, your health and wellness provider will have you lie flat on your back on a specialized traction roller table. Your chiropractor will then position the traction roller at your spine and slowly move it along the spinal column. As the roller moves, the spinal joints and vertebrae are gently stretched and elongated. This allows oxygen and blood flow to travel through the spinal column more freely and helps improve range of motion and healthy mobility.

In addition, these treatment sessions also provide chiropractic adjustment and alignment to the vertebrae, as a regular chiropractic care session would.

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction Therapy

Many patients turn to intersegmental traction therapy for pain relief, spinal mobility issues, or injury recovery and find a safe and effective form of chiropractic healing. As small as a 10-minute session has been found to show a range of benefits.

Pain Relief

The most common reason chiropractors offer intersegmental traction therapy is as a form a pain mediation for the neck and back. As spinal joints become compressed and blood and oxygen flow are affected, many begin to experience pain. As a session on a traction roller table progresses, the vertebrae and spinal column are gently stretched. As tension and compression are released, pressure in the spinal joints is relaxed. This reduction in compression reduces pain, prevents muscle spasms due to tension, and promotes healing.

Spinal Motion

With spinal compression often comes a reduction in the normal range of motion. Joints and vertebrae are meant to maintain a healthy range of motion. When mobility is limited, the spine can begin to hold tension and cause pain. As the spinal discs are decompressed through joint movement and stretching on the traction table, healthy range of motion and mobility is restored. Often, this allows patients to move better, exercise with less pain, and avoid future spinal injuries.

Oxygen and Blood Circulation

It will come as no surprise that with compression in the spinal discs comes disruption of proper blood and oxygen flow through the spinal column. This lack of healthy circulation can have negative effects on the whole body. As intersegmental traction therapy increases blood flow within the joints and spinal cord, many find pain and tension relief and the removal of unwanted toxins.

Healing of Spinal Injuries

Whether from an accident, sports mishap, or work related strain, intersegmental traction therapy can be an effective way to support healing of spinal injuries. As this type of treatment helps to increase blood flow to the spinal area, the body begins to focus more healing power on the injured vertebrae. As a result, patients experience expedited healing and pain reduction in the injured area.


The most enjoyable benefit of traction therapy comes with the relaxing, massage-like effect of the intersegmental roller table. Many liken the muscle relaxation that comes from this type of treatment to the feeling of massage therapy. While promoting healing and pain relief, chiropractic patients also find themselves to enjoy their intersegmental traction sessions.

Side Effects of Intersegmental Traction Therapy

A major pro for this type of treatment is its ability to treat a variety of medical conditions without presenting many negative side effects. Intersegmental traction therapy is a non-invasive, conservative treatment option for the whole family. Given its gentle technique, it is one of the safest of many treatment options available.

The only potential effect occasionally reported is some soreness due to the stretching and decompression of a session on a roller table. This soreness typically heals quickly and doesn’t pose a major risk.

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