Take your chiropractic care to a new level with the best intersegmental care in West Fargo, Rising Family Chiropractic. Through a personalized care plan with your health and wellness provider, you can achieve relief from joint pain, muscle pain, and neck pain, and promote overall spinal health and movement. With the use of an intersegmental traction table, your family chiropractor can release excess pressure, stretch the spinal joints, and promote healthy mobility in the vertebrae. Through intersegmental traction therapy, you can achieve pain management, healthy spinal alignment, improved blood flow through the spinal column, and increased movement without pain. 

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Get Intersegmental Care in West Fargo

Rising Family Chiropractic provides West Fargo with intersegmental traction therapy. Your chiropractic care provider can create a laser focused, personalized care plan for you to help treat muscle pain in the spine, neck pain, and overall joint pain. With the help of an intersegmental traction table and treatment plan, you can achieve pain relief and improved spinal health. 

How Does Intersegmental Treatment Work?  

During an intersegmental traction treatment, you will lie on your back on the traction table. Your chiropractic care provider will position a specialized roller against your spine and will move the roller along the spinal column. As the roller moves from one vertebra to the next, the joints and muscles will be gently stretched and elongated. This helps to promote spinal alignment and improve circulation and mobility in the spinal column. 

Benefits of Intersegmental Care

The main benefit of intersegmental traction therapy comes with joint pain or muscle pain relief. Whether it comes in the form of back or neck pain, this treatment can help to alleviate pain due to compression or immobility. 

Intersegmental care can also be a part of a personalized care plan following a spinal injury. The gentle stretching and mobilizing of the spine can promote healing and regeneration through improved blood flow and circulation to the area. 

The gentle, non-invasive nature of this treatment makes it a great option for all members of the family. Will little to no risks or side effects, intersegmental traction therapy can be a long-term or reoccurring part of our chiropractic care

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What is intersegmental traction?

Intersegmental traction is a form of chiropractic care where a roller is used to create gentle stretching and alignment of the spinal column. This can help promote spinal mobility and circulation.

Are there side effects of intersegmental traction therapy?

Other than slight soreness after treatment due to the gentle stretching, intersegmental care is a non-invasive and safe method of chiropractic care.

Does intersegmental traction work?

Residents in West Fargo have found intersegmental traction therapy to help with back pain, neck pain, and spinal stiffness or immobility.

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