How Long Does It Take to Realign Your Spine

Do you often wonder if your spine can actually be “out” and if it can be adjusted? Are you worried about the health of your spine and how long it may take to realign? If so, you are in the right place as we will discuss all of these sought-after questions! In a perfect world, the alignment of your spine would be in proper form, and you would see your spine in a straight line. What this means is that your body would maintain relatively straight from your head, down to your shoulders and back, and all the way down to your feet. If your whole body is aligned with your spine, it could prevent you from having long-term pain, allowing for you to have good posture, and allow for your nervous system to function optimally!

Now on the other side, when there is a misalignment in the spine, this could actually impair your general range of motion in your spine and cause severe problems which can affect your quality of life. You may be able to tell if there is a misalignment in your spine, as you will more than likely experience pain around several joints in your body. Although exercising, stretching, and making changes to your daily routine may be a form of therapy for some, you could very well be suffering from severe misalignment. If this is the case, we would advise that you seek treatment from a chiropractor, to help with manipulating the spine and correcting the natural curvature of the spine in your body. You may be asking yourself how long does it take to realign your spine though!? Continue to read on and we will discuss the details below!

What is Our Spine Made up of?

Sometimes we may take our spines for granted, and do not know how much it can actually contribute to our daily routine! If you didn’t know, our spine is critical for our balance and to stand upright! Your spine is made up of three different sections, and when viewed from the side, you are able to see the three sections of the natural curves of the spine. These curves you are able to see are called the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine. Additionally, the spine is composed of a column of bones, which is called the vertebrae. The vertebrae in your spine extends from the pelvis to the bottom of your skull, which provides stability and support for your upper body. Oh, and did you know, that your spine does so much more than just stabilize your back? It houses your spinal cord and allows your spinal nerves to send out messages throughout the body. !  Any sort of misalignment in your spine would affect other parts of your body as well.

How Long does Spinal Manipulation Take?

When it comes to seeking a medical professional that specializes in both musculoskeletal and nervous systems, which includes the spine, you do not want to just choose anyone! You want to do your homework on your chiropractor as the bones of the spine are very fragile and easily manipulated. If you are suffering from spinal misalignment, your spine must actually spend more time in alignment so that it can stabilize. Normally, when you get manual manipulation of the spine to correct any of the issues you may be suffering from, this initial process takes adults about 2-3 weeks with two spinal corrections throughout the week. Once the spine is showing to hold the alignment consistently for one week, the treatment would then be moved to about once a week for another 2-3weeks.

When treatment nears the end of the second 2-3week schedule, you should see a significant increase in the alignment in your back. At this time, your back should be holding alignment for at least a month, and then we would assess your spine again in a month’s time. As your spine continues to stabilize, you would then be moved and assessed for treatment in about another 3 months time. Normally, once you have reached the 3 months time, and this level of stability, your symptoms should begin to become dormant. As everyone reacts differently to how long they may need manipulation for, the 3 months is certainly not the case for all! Sometimes people have more stress and require more treatment, or the complete opposite. Unfortunately, with spinal manipulation, it is not a one size fits all, but we will do anything in our power to make you feel better!

The 15 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Spine

When you have misalignments, poor posture, reduced range of motion and pain, these are all indications that the health of your spine is not in good condition. These restrictions may be burdening your ability to perform physically and carry out basic functions properly. So how do you know if your spine is burdening your health? Well of course nothing can actually replace a musculoskeletal evaluation performed by a chiropractor, but there are some ways that you can get a better idea about the wellbeing of your spine and joints. If you are worried about your spine, we have composed a list below of symptoms of an unhealthy spine below, which may help you determine if you need assistance.

  • You have poor posture
  • You feel stiffness in either your neck, back or both
  • Your heels of your shoes are wearing out unevenly
  • You are not able to take a sufficient deep breath
  • Your jaw is ‘clicking’
  • You often have to crack your neck, back, or other joints
  • You cannot twist or turn your head/hips to either side easily
  • You find yourself fatigued often
  • Your concentration is poor
  • You have a low resistance to disease
  • Your foot is flaring out when you are walking
  • Your one leg is appearing shorter than the other
  • You have a constant feeling of stress or tension in your joints
  • You simply just do not feel right, or you are in general poor health
  • You have headaches, tender spots in muscles, joints, or back aches

Posture can be an easy feeling throughout your musculoskeletal system when you have good alignment. When you do most of your daily activities that include poor body mechanics, or if you are injured, this could result in spinal misalignment. Fortunately, at Rising Family Chiropractic, we have solutions to address the alignment of your bones in your spine, and can help with their effects on your nerves, joints, or muscles. At our family friendly clinic, we see plenty of patients on a monthly basis that book an appointment due to the 15 warning signs, and we have gotten them back to feeling themselves again. You don’t have to live with a misaligned spine! We are absolutely thrilled that you are seeking to improve your overall health and wellness, and we are here to help! Our clinic strives to be the leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, research, and education. Contact us today for a consultation, appointment or for more information on spinal alignment!