Aches and pains plague everyone from those in sports training to those with an office career. Try out a chiropractic treatment that can help both regular pain and injury recovery with electrical muscle stimulation at our West Fargo chiropractor today. Everyone from athletic sports trainers to family chiropractors have been using electrical muscle stimulation to reduce pain, support injury recovery, and promote overall health for patients. 

Electrical muscle stimulation is a non-surgical procedure that can be done in many types of settings. It is commonly used as a method to promote increased blood flow to and within tissues, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase nervous system responses. These methods are different for every patient but effectively work to promote chiropractic health and recovery through different means.

Electrical muscle stimulation works to promote chiropractic health and recovery by sending electrical pulses into the underlying muscle, causing it to contract. These muscle contractions have a variety of chiropractic benefits for patients experiencing many different aches and pains. For those experiencing persistent chiropractic issues, electrical muscle stimulation can reduce pain through targeted contraction, reduce muscle and tissue swelling, and promote overall muscle toning. These chiropractic benefits from electrical muscle stimulation can also be utilized to promote the healing, recovery, and ease of pains for those who have experienced an injury. 

Many people are very surprised to know that chiropractors use electrical stimulation in the treatment of injuries. Even though many people think that chiropractors only treat back problems when it comes to their skeletal system, this is far from the truth. 

The reason why this treatment has become so popular is because it is safe for patients as well as it is effective for treatment. Another advantage of this treatment is that it can provide lasting pain relief, unlike some of the other treatments that are available. One of the main complaints that many patients have about going to the chiropractor is that they feel uncomfortable having to wear a brace while they are being treated, but this is no longer a necessity when using electrical stimulation as the treatment.

Promote your overall chiropractic health and discover the benefits electrical muscle stimulation can have for you. Stop by our West Fargo chiropractor to try today!

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