Move towards faster healing, pain relief, and overall health improvement with the best electrical muscle stimulation in Moorhead, Rising Family Chiropractic. This type of chiropractic treatment can deliver a range of benefits for health issues of all kinds. Whether you’ve suffered a recent injury, are in need of treatment or repair, or you’re on a mission to improve your overall muscular and skeletal health, electrical muscle stimulation can be the perfect treatment for your family’s needs. Reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic today to learn more about what electrical muscle stimulation can do for your chiropractic health.

E Muscle Stimulation in Moorhead

Rising Family Chiropractic provides Moorhead with electrical muscle stimulation treatment

EMS Treatment

Electrical muscle stimulation treatment works by delivering electrical impulses to skeletal muscles, causing them to contract and detract in a targeted spasm pattern. These contractions help to improve blood flow to the area, promote repair, and strengthen muscles. This type of impulse treatment can help with everything from muscle repair after surgery to chronic pain. 

Side Effects

Electrical muscle stimulation is a non-invasive and relatively gentle chiropractic treatment. The typical, mild side effects of this treatment seen are skin irritation at the electrode site, muscle soreness, and muscle weakness after a treatment session. These mild, potential risks make electrical muscle stimulation a great, effective treatment for all members of the family, from children to grandparents.

About Moorhead, ND

At its founding in 1871, Moorhead, Minnesota was named after an official of the nearby Northern Pacific Railway, William Galloway Moorhead. As Moorhead began to grow in the late 1800’s the city’s over 100 bars and nightlife scene earned it the nickname ‘Sin City’.

Today, Moorhead sits on the eastern shore of the Red River of the North, opposite its twin city, Fargo, North Dakota. Residents now enjoy the many local breweries, outdoor activities provided by the nearby river, trips to the Red River Zoo, and taking in the city’s rich historical sites.

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Do electrical muscle stimulators really work in Moorhead, ND?

Yes! Each patient and each issue is different, but patients in recovery, pain relief, and strength rehab have seen results when using electrical muscle stimulation in Moorhead, ND.

What are the side effects of electrical stimulation?

Moorhead, ND treatment users report the most common side effects of electrical stimulation are muscle soreness and weakness following treatment, tingling sensation, and skin irritation at the electrode site.

What are the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation in Moorhead, ND?

Patients can find improved muscle blood flow, repair, pain control, and strengthening in areas treated with electrical muscle stimulation

About Fargo, ND

Since its founding in 1871, Fargo has grown to be the most populous city in North Dakota. Located along the Red River of the North, Fargo sits directly opposite its sister city, Moorhead, MN. 

Some sites to see in Fargo are the Fargodome, the Red River Zoo, Bonanzaville USA, Fargo Air Museum, and North Dakota State University.

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