Clear your life of chronic pain, tension, and stress with Rising Family Chiropractic, the best E-Stim muscle therapy in Fargo. Following an injury, during recovery from a surgery, or after too many hours at a work desk you can find yourself stuck in discomfort. No matter the cause, E-stim muscle therapy could be the perfect treatment for your pain or discomfort. Find an effective alternative to drug prescription and a great tool for the whole family with E-Stim muscle therapy in Fargo, ND.

If you’re ready to learn more about how E-Stim muscle therapy can help your recovery or make a difference in your chronic pain, reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic today.

E-Stim Therapy in Fargo

Rising Family Chiropractic provides Fargo with E-Stim therapy. This form of treatment comes with many uses for a range of conditions and is low risk, non-invasive care that is safe for the whole family.  

E-Stim Muscle Therapy

E-Stim muscle therapy is a treatment tool that uses an electrode pad attached to the skin to send electrical impulses to a skeletal muscle below. As the muscle receives the electricity, it will contract and detract with the pattern of impulses. This treatment tool can be used to treat a wide variety of muscular issues.


A major benefit of E-Stim muscle therapy is the non-invasive nature of the treatment. This treatment tool provides an alternative to drug prescription or surgery. 

In the body, E-Stim muscle therapy provides a range of benefits depending on your problem. Some potential treatment benefits include pain relief, muscle strengthening, and increased muscle recovery

Side Effects

Since this treatment tool is relatively non-invasive, E-Stim therapy doesn’t come with a long list of side effects. Some patients report muscle soreness or tingling after treatment and skin irritation at the electrode site.

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Attack your chronic pain or muscle recovery with E-Stim muscle therapy treatment with Rising Family Chiropractic in Fargo, MD.

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What is electrical stimulation used for in Fargo, ND?

Fargo, ND residents can use E-Stim therapy to promote muscle repair, recovery, and strengthening.

Does electrical stimulation therapy work?

Every patient and issue is different, but many report electrical stimulation helped to relieve pain, repair muscles after surgery or injury, and grow muscle strength.

Is electrical stimulation safe?

Electrical muscle stimulation treatment is one of the least invasive treatments available. For most Fargo residents, children through the elderly, e-stim treatment is safe. However, e-stim should not be used on anyone who uses a heart device, has heart issues, or some who are pregnant.

What are the side effects of electrical stimulation?

Some Fargo patients report skin irritation at the electrode site, muscle soreness, and muscle tingling following treatment.

About Fargo, ND

Since its founding in 1871, Fargo has grown to be the most populous city in North Dakota. Located along the Red River of the North, Fargo sits directly opposite its sister city, Moorhead, MN. 

Some sites to see in Fargo are the Fargodome, the Red River Zoo, Bonanzaville USA, Fargo Air Museum, and North Dakota State University.

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