Take your health and wellness into your own hands when you try Craniosacral Therapy at Rising Family Chiropractic in Fargo, ND. Our advanced craniosacral therapy experts are able to  do an assessment on any person, from infants to adults,  in order to identify issues causing pain and work to release pressure and promote healing in the body. This chiropractic treatment can target a range of physical wellness issues from migraine headaches, to stroke symptoms, to speech impairment by using gentle pressure and deep tissue massage. 

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Meet the Chiropractor

Rising Family Chiropractic provides West Fargo, ND with craniosacral therapy. This alternative treatment was developed in the 1970s by an osteopathic physician named Dr. John Ledger. During a routine neck surgery, he noticed the rhythmic movements of the craniosacral system, leading him to discover a new and effective treatment option for many patients facing chronic pain, injury, and chronic symptoms.   

Treatment Sessions

Craniosacral chiropractic treatment is a series of advanced treatment techniques that use the gentle pressure of touch and hand movement to massage and examine fluid movement and cell membranes connected to the central nervous system. The body system as a whole is covered by tissues called “fascia” that create an interconnected network. This chiropractic treatment uses gentle pressure that promotes myofascial release, increased health and wellness, and efficient function for these connective tissues. Due to its non-invasive healing power, this comprehensive treatment plan provides inclusion for people of all ages from infant to the elderly. Some conditions for people that improve with this alternative treatment include clients with pain, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, stroke symptoms, epilepsy, healing after injury, and neurodegenerative diseases.   

During an individual therapy session in our West Fargo office, the chiropractic treatment professional will use gentle pressure on your body (using roughly 5 grams of force, or about as much as a nickel weighs). They’ll feel and move the deep tissue massage or gentle pressure movements with your body’s natural rhythms in order to realign your cerebrospinal fluid. As excess pressure is released, you’ll most likely feel deeply relaxed (and might even fall asleep!), and may also have a “pins and needles” sensation through your body.

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From an early age, we can benefit from the advanced treatment techniques used in advanced craniosacral therapy. During birth, infants undergo incredible amounts of pressure. This can lead to misalignment in the body, pinched nerves, pulled muscles, or even injury. After an initial assessment, a gentle therapy, like advanced craniosacral therapy, can provide a safe and effective way to release pressure and promote healthy growth.  


A person in West Fargo can begin to experience chronic pain due to a range of factors. Whether it’s the strain of sitting at a work desk or an injury, craniosacral therapy provides an alternative treatment to more invasive or expensive medical options. While an alternative treatment, advanced craniosacral therapy can be just as effective as many medical options and can be used long-term with little to no side effects. Craniosacral therapy can also be a great complementary treatment to other options.

Side Effects

The reason craniosacral therapy is such a great option for many in the West Fargo area is its lack of risk for any patient, infant to adult. The gentle pressure used in advanced craniosacral therapy provides a non-invasive treatment to many issues adults and children face. With craniosacral massage therapy, there’s no surgery, hours  needed to be spent at a physical therapist’s office, or high costs. 

While the main side effect West Fargo patients reported was mild discomfort or soreness following treatment, there are some adults who shouldn’t receive advanced craniosacral therapy. Those with severe bleeding disorders, have been previously diagnosed with an aneurysm, or those with a history of recent head trauma that causes bleeding should not try this treatment option. 

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