Take your health and wellness into your own hands with the best chiropractic doctor in Mapleton, ND, Rising Family Chiropractic. We all experience aches and pains throughout our lives, whether it is chronic pain from long hours at the office or a back injury from an auto accident. Finding effective and accessible pain relief is one of the most beneficial health practices we can create for our families. True health can be achieved with Rising Family Chiropractic. 

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Rising Family Chiropractic provides Mapleton, ND with chiropractic health services. When chronic pain of injury hits, the type of health care you seek for treatment matters. Chiropractic care provides patients in Mapleton with a high level of health care that is safe, effective, and non-invasive. Your health care professional at Rising Family Chiropractic can help treat a wide variety of health issues like back pain, neck pain, injury recovery, joint pain, headache, and chronic ear infections. 

Rising Family Chiropractic is your holistic health partner in Mapleton. When you make your first appointment, your chiropractic care provider will begin your evaluation by chatting with you about the health issues you’ve been experiencing and conducting an overlook of your spine, neck, and joints. As treatment areas are identified, they will determine which chiropractic techniques will benefit you most and develop a treatment plan to help alleviate your pain. 

Most chiropractic techniques are centered around gentle manipulations of the vertebrae in the spine and other joints to achieve proper alignment in the skeletal system. Your provider will typically perform these adjustments with their hands or with the help of a chiropractic tool while you lay comfortably on an adjustment table. 

Chiropractic Techniques

There are many methods chiropractic care professionals can use when treating pain or injury. Each technique utilizes gentle manipulations in different ways to achieve optimum spinal health and wellness. 

  • Diversified Technique: This method is thought to be the most commonly used technique in chiropractic care. This technique has the hands administering gentle thrusting motions to move the vertebrae back into proper alignment. 
  • Thompson Technique: This technique, also known as the drop table method, utilizes an adjustment table with dropping capabilities. Most commonly, this technique is used to adjust the pelvis. Part of the table is slightly raised and will drop down as the chiropractor makes a thrusting movement. This method provides a comfortable adjustment for patients. 
  • Activator Method: This technique uses a tool called an Activator to aid in comfortable adjustments. This tool delivers gentle pulses and allows the provider to make precise adjustments. This gentle method works well for children, seniors, and those who are new to chiropractic care and are feeling nervous about their first session. 
  • Webster Technique: This method puts a focus on the sacral area and its alignment with the pelvis. Adjustments are made to realign the pelvis and sacrum, helping with lower pain back among other issues. This technique is especially helpful for pregnant women. 


Chiropractic care can be an essential part of our health care from the moment our lives begin. From the stress of childbirth to periods of rapid growth, babies can easily develop issues with misalignment. 

Benefits for Infants:

  • Adjust spine after birth
  • Realign pelvis after birth
  • Keep spine, neck, and joints clear to promote healthy growth
  • Ear pain from infection
  • Colic

Children and Teens

Childhood and adolescence is one of the most transitional times in our lives. From growth spurts to sports games, kids and teens can find themselves with bumps, bruises, and pain every day. Chiropractic care can help to ensure a healthy future as our children grow. 

Treatment for children and teens:

  • Spine misalignment
  • Shin splint
  • Sports or exercise injury
  • Joint pain 


Adults are busy with work, kids, and hobbies. It can be easy to put back pain on the back burner or just muddle through chronic neck pain. Instead, regular trips to your family chiropractor can improve your overall quality of life and have you re-engaging in the things you love. 

Benefits for adults: 

  • Adjustment for the spine, neck, and pelvis
  • Intense pain in joints 
  • Injury healing 
  • Recovery after surgery

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Can anyone go to a chiropractor?

Chiropractic techniques provide a safe, holistic, and non-invasive treatment option for the whole family. This accessible form of treatment means everyone in the family can go to a chiropractor, from infants to the elderly.

Can a chiropractor treat neck pain?

Yes! Mapleton area patients have reported neck pain relief with regular trips to their family chiropractor. Neck pain can come from a variety of causes, from long hours at a desk to injury. Chiropractic techniques can help to realign the neck and spine, reducing pressure, promoting blood flow for healing, and, ultimately, relieving pain.

What issues can be treated by a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is a great type of treatment for the family because it is extremely versatile, safe, and effective. Spinal alignment can provide benefits to the entire body by increasing blood flow, reducing pressure and tension in joints, and allowing the body to function unobstructed.

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