Chiropractic Care for Babies

Mar 23, 2021

From the start of life, babies experience stresses and pressures on the body. With birth trauma, genetic medical conditions, and common childhood diseases, the best way to set up a healthy future for your child is to invest in chiropractic care for babies with Rising Family Chiropractic. Many busy parents are looking for a holistic approach to health to correct trauma from the birth process, help prevent the development of common infant diseases, and set up a healthy lifestyle for their children. Pediatric chiropractic treatment is a safe, gentle, and effective way for parents to provide a range of health and wellness care for children and babies. 

Chiropractic Care for Babies

While many see chiropractic treatment as an adult form of healthcare, there are many ways that your family chiropractor can become an integral part of your infant’s primary pediatric care. From spinal misalignment to common childhood conditions, your baby can benefit from regular trips to your family chiropractor in many ways. 

Post-Birth Recovery

There many common issues that can arise after the birthing process for an infant. Even with a healthy delivery, babies experience an immense amount of pressure and strain as they’re pushing through the birth canal. This pressure can lead to a variety of common issues, like spinal misalignment in babies, hip misalignment, soft-tissue or muscular damage, or even broken bones. Chiropractic therapy can help to address the symptoms of birth trauma and promote the body’s natural healthing process for a more holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Spinal Alignment

A family chiropractor‘s primary function is to maintain spinal health and alignment for their patients. Even after the birth process, babies can experience hip and spinal misalignment, much like adults do. Chiropractic care for infants can come with regular spinal adjustments with gentle manipulations, tailored to promote spinal health for a child. This safe care for kids allows children to begin their life with an emphasis on vertebral health and maintain proper adjustment as they grow. 

Busy parents can put an emphasis on spinal alignment, preventing the development of many other issues for their baby. From bodily function to a lowered risk of injury, babies can benefit from spinal adjustments in many ways.

Ease Colic Symptoms

Gentle manipulations with regular spinal adjustments can help to prevent or ease the symptoms of colic in infants. Most infantile colic arises due to a misaligned spine, preventing the gastrointestinal system from working properly. These digestive issues can allow gas build up, causing discomfort or even pain for the child. Gentle adjustments to the spine can promote the healthy function of the gut, helping to avoid digestive issues and colic. 

After a baby has developed colic symptoms, gentle adjustments to the spine can also help to relieve these digestive issues. By realigning the spine and taking some pressure off the digestive system and intestines, many babies with colic will begin to recover from the symptoms of colic quickly.  

Prevention and Treatment of Ear Infections

One of the most common childhood conditions babies face is ear infections. When fluid in the inner ear is unable to drain properly, babies begin to experience pressure, pain, and eventually infection. Current evidence with pediatric chiropractors has found that gentle manipulations of the spine can help to relieve pressure in the body, allowing the blocked ear canal to drain. This type of holistic approach can be a good alternative to surgical intervention or drug therapy for certain childhood conditions, like ear infections.

Once an inner ear blockage is drained, regular adjustments can also help to prevent bodily pressure from returning. After chiropractic treatment, these regular visits can keep ear infections from recurring in infants. 

Growth and Development

Safe and healthy growth and development starts the moment a baby is born. When misalignment due to the birth process or common childhood conditions aren’t addressed, growth and development can come with problems. Babies grow faster during infancy than any other period in their lives. Scientific evidence shows children’s spinal columns double in length during their first year of growth. These milestones can cause strain and misalignment of the spine easily, resulting in neck pain, back pain, or growth related health issues. 

With chiropractic adjustments and proper spinal alignment kids are also put in a stronger position as they grow and hit new milestones. From crawling to walking, babies are at a lower risk of injury when their body is properly aligned. 

Why Chiropractic Care for Babies?

In contrast to drug therapy, surgery, or some other manual therapies, chiropractic adjustments and treatments provide a safe , holistic, and effective health care for children of all ages. While some types of treatment may be suited for adults, chiropractic care for babies is an easy and important way parents can help to heal physical birth trauma, address genetic issues, and promote healthy growth and development all in one approach to health

Chiropractic care is gentle enough for infants, all-encompassing enough to treat a range of issues, and effective enough to set a child on a path of healthy development for life. Reach out to Rising Family Chiropractic today to learn how chiropractic care for babies could be a great holistic approach to health for your family.

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Dr. Amanda Hurley

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Dr. Amanda is thrilled to be serving the Fargo-Moorhead community as she was raised in Fargo, ND. Dr. Amanda had always planned on attending North Dakota State University for Nursing, but while she was in school realized her interests aligned more with a holistic approach to medicine. She changed her major to pre-chiropractic and began diving into chiropractic care full force.

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