Find a new method of pain control and pain relief for your body with the best E-Stim therapy in Kindred, Rising Family Chiropractic. This physical therapy program given by a chiropractic professional can be helpful in joint pain relief, wound healing, functional mobility in the spine, and a variety of other struggles Kindred area patients face. 

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Rising Family Chiropractic provides Kindred with E-Stim therapy. E-Stim stands for Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy. This therapy is aimed at using electrical stimulation to promote healing of damaged nerves or tissue, reduce pain and irritation, and improve muscle strength.

How Does Electrical Stimulation Therapy Work?

Your family chiropractor will use an electrical stimulation machine to the target muscle using connective pads on the skin. A localized electrical current will then be used, creating systematic contractions of the target muscle tissue. These electrical pulses and resulting muscle contractions can provide a range of benefits, from muscle weakness therapy to joint pain control. 

What Does E-Stim Therapy Treat?

One of the best factors of electrical muscle stimulation therapy is the wide range conditions it can improve for a patient. Pain in the body can be caused by many factors, like injury, muscle weakness, surgery recovery, and overactive pain signals in the nerves. The systematic, targeted muscle contractions caused by this physical therapy program help to achieve wound healing, joint pain relief, and promote blood flow. This helps patients control pain as the body heals naturally. 

Intense muscle pain can also be found as a result of muscle weakness or lowered muscle function. As the electrical stimulation impulse is transmitted through the muscle, the long-term muscle stimulation can help to naturally strengthen muscle weakness. As strength is built with each contraction, muscle function can also improve. 

While injury and other physical harm causes many types of pain, sometimes the issue lies in our neurons. An overactive pain receptor will send the sensation of pain to the brain when there may not be actual bodily harm causing a true pain stimulator message. This over-transmission of pain signals to the brain causes your mind to think it’s chronic (long-term) pain. An electrical stimulation rehabilitation program may be your solution.

Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Using electrical pulses to cause the underlying muscles to contract is a non-invasive and effective alternative to medication, or sometimes surgery, when it is applied in a successful rehab program format. This passive treatment style makes this therapy an option for all ages, a patient with a range of medical history, and those experiencing chronic pain that other therapies haven’t been able to target.

Risk of E-Stim Therapy

Luckily, electrical muscle stimulation therapy does not have many risks when applied by your trained family chiropractor and can help a person experiencing pain avoid some side-effects of medication. Some Kindred area patients report skin irritation at the electrode site, muscle spasm after treatment, or soreness, but, overall, the risks associated with an E-stim rehabilitation program are minimal.  

Electrical muscle stimulation is not recommended for those who are pregnant or have heart conditions or pacemakers.

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How does E-Stim therapy work?

Kindred patients can contact their chiropractic professional for an appointment. Your chiropractor attaches electrodes to the skin above the target muscle area. They will then administer electrical pulses, causing the muscle to contract.

What are the side effects of electrical stimulation?

E-stim therapy provides low-risk and effective sources of pain relief and wound healing therapy. Some Kindred patients have reported skin irritation at the electrode site and some muscle soreness after therapy.

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